Programme for the Makers only Nite on 26th July

We will be closing the doors of Singapore Mini Maker Faire to the public at 7pm on Saturday, 26th July 2014. From 7-9, after dinner, there will be a networking session, where Makers will be able to visit each other’s booth. Some presentations will also be made, including the 3D design challenge that was conducted as part of SMMF ’14 as well as exciting happenings and opportunities that makers can look forward to in the later part of this year.

The Singapore Mini Maker Faire 3D Design challenge
26th July 2014, 7.30pm
The inaugural SMMF 3D Design challenge was sponsored by Autodesk Singapore. A wide variety of participants took part in the training sessions.

Upcoming events for Makers
26th July 2014, 7.45pm-8.45pm
Some exciting announcements on Maker events from Science Centre Singapore and Art Science Museum

Presentations on 27th July

Light magic by Kiki Tay, 11.00am

How to make Education by Technology and Art, Masakasu Takasu, 12.00nn

Technology and arts can making a lot of fun. Fun is most important for children growth. It is not only fun, but also Kickstart to growth of children! Let an use technology and art for education. Yes,We Can!

Tatting by Joyce Lim, 1.00pm

Bio printing by Fan MingWei, Bio3D technologies, 2.00pm
Introducing 3D printing and bio-printing, and why they matter.

Leaves with memories, a clay demonstration Davy Young, 2.45pm
A short demo on ceramic leaf making

Design thinking for Makers, Elda Webb, 3.30pm

Using Evernote to Make, Evernote, 4.15pm
Evernote is helping the world remember everything by building innovative products and services that allow individuals to capture, find and interact with their memories. Evernote apps are available on all major computer, web, mobile, and tablet platforms. For more information, please visit: Register to find out more


Presentations on 26th July 2014

 The circus Show, by Rhys Thomas, 11.00am

Nico Nico Gakkai Style presentation by Makers, by Masakasu Takasu and various makers – 11.30am
Join Maker Masakasu Takasu and our Makers in Singapore in this presentation, where Makers who create in several different domains come together to share their work in 3 minutes.

Tiny Electronics by Gabriel Perumal, 12.40pm

3D Design, by Badari Hidayur, Autodesk , 1.15pm

Crowdpricing for Makers by HaystackT, 1.50pm

Tesla Coils – How to Make Lightning at Home, by GuangYan, 2.20pm

Gao Guangyan shares his projects and experience as a maker and engineer, known for his crazy home projects and Musical Tesla Coils. Follow his journey and learn how he makes lightning at home with an introduction to Tesla Coils, and view up close the inner workings and see hair-raising live-demos of some new Musical Tesla Coils he has built including a new large one in the Science Centre Singapore

Zen Glove, by Gaurav Gupta, 3.00pm

PCDuino by Jingfeng Liu, 3.35pm

Tatting by Joyce Lim, 4.10pm

Bioprinting by Fan MingWei, Bio 3D Technologies, 4.45pm
Introducing 3D printing and bio-printing, and why they matter.

Making for social change by Veerappan Swaminathan, 5.20pm
How can Making and Social Change go together? In this presentation, we will be sharing come of the cool Social Innovation projects of Sustainable Living Lab, Singapore’s first Makerspace. Veera is the Kampung Tinkerer and co-founder at the Sustainable Living Lab. Trained officially as a mechanical engineer, he spent his formative years being a general nightmare around the house by taking apart (and not always putting together) all kinds of stuff and starting new organizations in LAN gaming, credit card marketing, competition planning, tinkering and sports. He is listed on several biomedical device patents and has built solar cars, wind turbines, EEG headsets and agricultural drying equipment. Being in land-strapped Singapore but wishing to have a garage like all inventors seemed to have in movies, led him to start the Sustainable Living Lab which is Singapore’s first and only Makerspace focused on social innovation, sustainability and technology.

Juggling by Choo Zheng Hao, 6.25pm
Juggling: a physically and intellectually demanding skill which happens to be strangely addictive too. Learn how juggling as a hobby has evolved over the last few decades with the pervasive reach of the Internet. Take a look how social media has radically changed this obscure hobby into a global interactive community.

Presentations at SMMF ’14

An exciting programme awaits participants at SMMF ’14. In addition to the booths and workshops, we are also happy that there are presenters who will share their work with us. There will be (almost) continuous presentations during SMMF 14, right in the sports hall at Senja Cashew CC where stories will be told and lessons shared. Here is a quick summary of the presentation schedule

Saturday, 26th July 2014

Sunday, 27th July 2014

Makers Nite on 26th July 2014, 7.00pm

How do you tell the stories of Singapore buildings through 3D printing?

Next, we would like to introduce Shafiq Ali, an entrepreneur with his own 3D printing retail and service business, Mēkā. Are you curious about what Mēkā means? Read on to find out.

About Shafiq

Shafiq shared that he has been interested in taking things apart and building stuffs ever since he was a child, that it always give him a real sense of achievement. His fascination in 3D printing came about when he was watching a video of a Makerbot Cupcake CNC 3D printer. This has prompted him to research further into 3D printing and subsequently to decide to get involved from a business angle, hence setting up Mēkā which means Maker in Japanese. Currently, Mēkā is the custodian of the 3D Printing Materials Store in Asia and is also the main driving force behind BuiltinSG, a project supported by the NLB as part of the SG50 celebrations.

Taking part in the Singapore Mini Maker Faire

Shafiq first learnt about the Singapore Mini Maker Faire last year when he first started on his 3D printing business. He was recommended by many to participate in it, but as he was relatively new in the 3D printing industry then, he has decided to take part as an observer first.

1405249124013This year, Shafiq will be taking up a booth and will be displaying 3D printed models and playing some videos as part of the BuiltinSG project done in conjunction with SG50 Celebrations. BuiltinSG is a project to tell the story of different buildings in Singapore and the roles that they played in shaping our lives. 3D printed models will be produced to be showcased to the visitors of the Singapore Mini Maker Faire.

At the same time, he will also be showcasing the different materials that can be used for FDM/FFF 3D printers, such as Laywood, Laybrick, Carbon Fibre PLA and High Temperature PLA.

If you are interested in the BuiltinSG project or Mēkā, do drop by Shafiq’s booth and have a chat with him.

What will you learn at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014?

IMG-20121015-00149 10487369_828523773826707_8397524762292059647_n DSC01680 2014-04-08-22_49_03

Spanning arts and crafts, Science, Engineering, 3D printing and robotics, a series of workshops awaits participants coming to the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014.  So what will you learn when you come for SMMF 14?

Here is a quick breakdown of workshops by categories.

Engineering/ Science
Maker Culture
Arts and Crafts
3D Design/ printing

Need a summary of the workshops schedule? 

Art and Craft Workshops at SMMF 14

PhotoGrid_1389072516061 20140607_094441 image_3

Otterly fun with Clay
26th July 2014, 11am, 27th July 2014, 11.45am

Learn the basics of designing cute characters and crafting the idea out of clay. In this session we will make an otter and other creatures. This is the perfect hands-on session to get started on clay crafting for young and old. All materials will be supplied.$10/ participant, Suitable for young children. Register at pay on site.

Clay modelling and character design
26th July 2014, 12.45pm

This aim of workshop is to introduce practical clay modelling as a medium of artistic expression to the public. At the end of the workshop, the participant is able to sculpt a human form character design in clay. $10 per person. Register at

Introduction to Tatting
26th July, 1.45pm, 27th July, 1.30pm

Tatting, is also known as shuttle lace. It involves the use of thread and shuttle to form knots to produce delicate laces. Olden day tatting was used to adorn clothings and hats. Modern day tatting has evolved to include the use of beads to create interesting effects and enhance design on dollies, edging for sleeves, scarves, tablecloth and towels, collars, bookmarks and jewellery like earrrings, necklaces, slave bracelets and ankle corsets. Beginners will start off with basic tatting techniques. Participants with basic tatting knowledge and wish to explore further are welcome. $35/ person. Register at

Paper Quilling: The fun way
26th July 2014, 4.30pm, 27th July 2014, 5.00pm

Learn the vibrant and versatile art of paper quilling in this fun filled hands- on workshop. Each participant will be making motifs such as hearts, flower and leaves, butterfly etc. which can be used to make your own greeting cards, gift tags, bookmarks etc. or can be used to decorate photo frames, gift boxes, stationery and all or simply convert to a piece of jewellery. $12/ participant Register at

Portfolio! Bookbinding
27th July, 2.45pm to 4.15pm

Pooja will run a workshop to create a cloth-covered portfolio for holding stationery, drawings, photographs and so forth, using luscious book cloth and beautiful Japanese Chiyogami papers. $15/ participant Register at

Return to the Imperial Space – More cosmic adventures in upcycled plastic bits
27th July, 4.30pm to 6.00pm

Using found plastic, objects such as bottle tops, drinks bottles and deconstructed toys, upcycle them into works of art. The Sleeping Iron Foundry returns to the Maker Faire for more cosmic adventures in upcycled plastic bits and pieces. $10/ pax. Register at

Custom Cake Topper
27th July 2014, 3.15pm

See your imagination come to life as you make your own custom cake topper and wooden dolls. Learn the basics in designing, crafting and painting cake toppers and wooden dolls. Have a delightful afternoon of hand-making goodness! All materials will be provided. $30/ pax. Register by leaving a message with Little Craft Loft.

Workshops on 3D Design and printing

Tiguu3D Reprap Prusa i3

Do you want to build your own 3D printer?
Saturday 26th July 2014 and Sunday 27th July 2014 (This is a two full day workshop)

This Singapore Mini Maker Faire, Tiguu3D is conducting a 3D printer build workshop. Join us on 26th and 27th July to build a RepRap 3D printer that you can bring home. Cost: $800 per printer. Recommended for 2-3 participants to form a team to build a printer. Register your interest at

Make Awesome Stuff with Autodesk Fusion 360!!!
Sunday, 27th July: 12.45pm

Quickly and easily explore product ideas in Fusion 360. Start by using simple free-form modeling tools to get just the right shape, or take a shortcut and seamlessly pull your existing data into your Fusion 360 project. Engineer and test it for function. Then prepare it for manufacturing by using the 3D printing utility. Free, Register at

Workshops on Maker Culture

Design Thinking for Makers
26th July, 1.00pm, 27th July, 10.00am

During this workshop I will share with the participants what and how to apply design thinking principles in a series of small projects that we will be creating together.  Making is a non-linear process and is important to understand the challenges that will be along the way to be successful. We will divide the workshop in 3 parts
– Meaning of making and the importance of empathy.
– I want to be a maker, but how do I start? Exercises to help define, ideate, prototype and test ideas.
– The importance of feedback and sharing in the making process.
$10/ person, Register with

How to sell as a founder
26th July, 3.30pm to 4.15pm
When it comes to running a business, selling and growth hacking is arguably the one skillset closest to keeping lifeblood of the company running. Yet for such a vital skill, it is almost unbelievable how many opposing dogmas there are, and more importantly, how many founders actually neglect it.

Based on more than $1 million and 12 years of research, the SPIN selling strategy is one of the most research-backed sales methodologies. More than being rigorously-tested, it is also the gateway to a customer-centric approach to product development.

This workshop will teach you the actionable core of this strategy, as well as various growth hacking tactics.  $20 per person. Register at

Engineering and Science Workshops at SMMF’14

microscope 10487369_828523773826707_8397524762292059647_n DSC01680

Tiny Electronics
26 July, 11.00am and 27th July 10.00am

Teaching kids the wonders and magic of electronics. To teach them the fundamentals of Electronics through basic breadboarding  using our cute tiny little electronic kits and also basic programming using the Arduino. Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents are welcome to sit-in and learn). $15 per child. Register via email with

Make your Own plant press
26th July, 2.45pm

Come and join us in this workshop, and you would learn not only how to align pieces of wood and drill holes but also how to press, dry and mount specimens. You would also pick up tips on leaf rubbing. Participants will get to bring back their very own plant press. In addition, a set of colour cards will be given to each participant, for them to further explore the art of leaf rubbing at home. Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents should accompany the child). $30/ parent child pair, inclusive of all materials. Register via 

Make your own microscope from a Webcam
26th July, 4.30pm

Do you want to make and have your own microscope? Akbar from Hackteria will be teaching you the mechanics and the inner workings of making this microscope in the workshop. You can also buy the kit and make one yourself there! Join us and have fun playing with microscope! Suitable for children 8 and up (with parental accompaniment).  $25/ microscope, inclusive of all materials. Register at Payment to be made on site.

Make a Roly Poly Toy
26th July, 6.15pm

Ever tried creating your very own toys using recycled materials? Come to “Make Your Own Roly-Poly” workshop at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014, where Mr Ng Pan Yew will show you how to make roly-polys! Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents are welcome to sit-in and learn). $8/ participant Register at

Make your own Kaleidoscope
27th July, 11.45am

Mr Ng Pan Yew will show you how to make Kaleidoscopes! All participants will have the opportunity to put their hands-on skills into good use, make attractive kaleidoscopes, and keep the toys that they have made. Join Mr Ng Pan Yew in applying science concepts like reflection to making your own toys! Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents are welcome to sit-in and learn) $8/ participant. Register at

Lights, Wands and Sensors
27th July, 1.45pm

Build a Wand – kids (and adults!) will be able to build an LED magic wand using just paper, paper clips, copper tape, an LED, battery, and lots of scotch tape. By building the wand, kids will learn simple concepts around what makes a circuit. Perform Magic – everyone could then take their wands, and by dipping them into 4 magic hats (equipped with light sensors), trigger different spectacles. The mapping between light sensors and interactive output was powered by our ConnectAnyThing prototype based on Galileo. Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents are welcome to sit-in and learn). Free. Register at