Special Programme for Maker Faire Singapore 2015

A series of forums in Maker Faire 2015 aims to bring the Maker mindset more mainstream in Singapore. Details and Synopsis of the tracks will be updated closer to the date.

MF Speakers 1

Time Programme
9th July 2015
7.00pm Art Science Late at Art Science Museum, Singapore
11th July 2015
11.00am Start of Maker Faire Singapore
11.30pm Welcome address and Keynote speeches
Launch of Busy Hands, Happy Hearts – Stories, projects and inspirations on Making from Families in Singapore
12.30pm Forum: The Business of Making
3.00pm Forum:Making in Education
7.15pm Makers Networking Party
12th July 2015
11.00am Nico Nico Gakkai: Rapid fire presentation by Makers
1.00pm Stage Performace: DIY Medieval costumes
2.00pm Forum: Making for Social Change
13th July 2015
10.00am-5.00pm Tour of Makerspaces in Singapore – National Design Centre, Block 71, HackerspaceSG, CRADLE lab @ Science Centre Singapore, Kampung Kampus (Ground Up Initiative).

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