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Embark on a journey to discover your inner Maker

This 22nd March, join Maker Elda Webb Embark in a journey to discover your inner maker. Take joy in the creative capacity of your mind. Making is not a passive activity, fill your imagination with inspiration, generate ideas and understand your world without fears and discover how to keep doing this over and over again until you feel it is right.

About Elda:

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, she is a curious person by nature. Design Thinking has being her problem solving secret. Pupil of the Montessori system, she pretty much used its principles all the way into University. Her curiosity to solve problems in a holistic manner guided her to study Architecture, where she found a great tool to help her overcome her lack of drawing skills. She discovered the world of Computer 3D modeling and started sharing her knowledge as an assistant teacher for the Visualization department at her alma mater the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM). She worked at several companies as a graphic designer and 3D modeller creating renders and other visual media for their marketing departments. She now works for Autodesk as a Senior Learning Content Developer here in Singapore, creating visual content to showcase the new features of AutoCAD and its verticals. She believes that we should be proactive and design solutions to our everyday problems and make them a reality by acting upon them. But she understands that in order for anybody to think like a designer and start making things we need to let go of our fears and put the designer’s hat to start thinking like one and to remind us that we can all start by making something and be a designer in our own way. Always tinkering about problems and a long list of solutions, you can find her folding paper and watching a movie to relax or checking out, design books and all sorts of other platforms for inspiration. She is always on the look for things that could help her solve or understand problems better. Her tagline How flexible is your imagination? pretty much summarizes the way she approaches any challenge and how we all should approach the problems that come along our way while being a Maker.

Pop up Maker Space at Science Centre on 13th March

If you are coming to Science Centre Singapore on 13th March 2014, do drop by at the Annexe Foyer.  Marc Dusseiller - transdisciplinary scholar, cultural facilitator and artist – will be setting up a mobile Makerspace from 11am onwards at the Annexe foyer. So, drop in for some spontaneous bio tinkering and be surprised.

About Marc:

Marc performs DIY workshops in lo-fi electronics, hardware hacking, microscopy, music and robotics. He has coorganized the DIY festival Zurich, workshops for artists, schools and children as the former president of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society. Currently, he is developing means to perform bio and nanotechnoloty research and dissemination (Hackteria) in a DIY fashion in kitchens, ateliers and in developing countries.


SMMF Family Lead up workshop at Science Centre

SMMF Family Lead up workshop at Science Centre


SMMF 2014 pop up carnival at Tampines central CC

SMMF 2014 pop up carnival at Tampines central CC

Singapore Mini Maker Faire Design Challenge 2014

design challenge

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The Singapore Mini Maker Faire Design Challenge is collaboration between Science Centre Singapore and Autodesk Singapore.  In this open challenge, participants are encouraged to submit their 3D designs under the theme of “Design What’s next!” There will be free training sessions held at Science Centre Singapore to empower participants to take part in the challenge. More details are as given below. Please indicate your interest in participating in the challenge. Submissions for the challenge can be made through the Singapore Mini Maker Faire Facebook page from 15th March 2014

Find out more about the 3 Day Inventor essentials certification programme that the winners will take part in.

Date/Time Activity Remarks
15th March 2014 Submissions open
26th April 2014, 10am-12nn Challenge training For public
17th May 2014, 10am-12nn Challenge Training For students only
24th May 2014, 10am-12nn Challenge Training For students only
27th June 2014 Closing Date for submissions
19th July 2014 Announcement of results
26th July 2014 Awards ceremony

 Designs should be created using Autodesk technology, i.e, Autodesk Fusion, 123D family, AutoCAD Inventor etc. Autodesk will provide free student software for students and facilitators, as well as training.


education software

School Download: Free licenses to schools

Student and Educator Download: 3D design software for students and educators

Autodesk Fusion ,  123D software. 

 Science Centre Admission applies to non members and non IM members for attending the training sessions

Several resources are available online to help with your design process, These include Autodesk digital STEM123D, mesh Mixer, Instructables, AutoCAD and Autodesk inventor, Autodesk Fusion

What can I submit?

Participants can log in to our challenge submission page using their facebook account. To enter, click “Join Event” and “Add photo/ video”. Upload your photo and write a short paragraph about why your design is What’s next.

Some samples of designs




How to make the SMMF 2014 Keychain

If you have been to our Singapore Mini Maker Faire lead up events for 2014, you will have received a DIY key chain kit. Here is what you can Make with the kit. Happy Making!

Download SMMF Keychain cube template here

Where to find stuff: The coin battery can be found at most grocery stores. LEDs are available at Sim Lim Tower.